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Why does Media matter?

Because people matter.  And media shapes people and people shape media.

All these things Jesus said to the crowds in parables; indeed, he said nothing to them without a parable.

– Matthew 13:34






As people whose lives are being shaped by the greatest redemptive love story, we care about people, we care about their personal stories on the human journey, and we care about the stories that they are compelled to share.

Since its founding in 1985, Mastermedia International has quietly and confidentially served media professionals, offering insights regarding America’s Christian community and creating an honest dialogue around issues of faith.  In building meaningful trust relationships between media leaders and the Christian community at large, Mastermedia seeks to be a positive and redemptive influence in media and entertainment by providing support, encouragement, and confidential counsel to media leaders and influencers, and mobilizing a global prayer effort on their behalf.

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One major media CEO told me, “For us, ‘angry Christian’ is a redundancy  It’s the only kind we know.”  That’s why a person of influence in media filled with the love of Christ is the single most revolutionary ingredient in changing culture.

Dr. Larry Poland, Founder, Mastermedia International


In 2005 we witnessed a seismic cultural shift … the digital revolution.

As digital platforms exploded onto the scene, the world became an interactive “screened” culture. A generation emerged with a film studio in their pocket and a global megaphone gifted to them courtesy of the Internet.  This democratization of the media has created countless messengers and storytellers and has transformed Hollywood from a geographical location to a global concept.

This ubiquitous expansion of media content onto a global stage creates an unprecedented opportunity to relationally invest in these newfound influencers and to thoughtfully engage in the cultural conversations of our time.

Many of today’s mediamakers have never encountered authentic relationships with genuine followers of Jesus.  Mastermedia seeks to reflect the care and humility of the One we follow by connecting with those in leadership in a spirit of respect and engaging in thoughtful, loving dialogue.  This humble and gracious approach has resulted in sincere and lasting friendships and has provided personal pathways of impact.

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Mastermedia actively participates in the media community by building bridges of communication between media executives and evangelical leaders to help heighten trust and mutual understanding.

For more than thirty years, Mastermedia has consulted on faith and media issues with executives from many of America’s leading media companies, including: Time-Life, HBO, MTV, AMC, Variety, ESPN, Hallmark, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and CNN.We offer insight on the widely diverse and ever-expanding Christian market, helping companies understand this significant and often misunderstood audience, including 100 million evangelical Christians with $2.1 trillion in combined household income.* The media consumption patterns of Christians are offered as part of our Corporate Seminar which addresses the foundations of what evangelicals believe, analyzing how those beliefs influence the kinds of media and entertainment they enjoy.

*Mindshare.com, 2010

“I have found the greatest power in the world is the power of prayer.”  – Cecil B. DeMille

“I am inspired by your labor to support and connect the world of media leaders and cultural influencers to the powerful world of spirituality and prayer.” – actor/producer

 “I truly thank you for your leadership in advancing the cause of faith, and I receive your kind prayers with deep reflection and appreciation.” – actor

“I very much appreciate being on your Prayer Calendar, and . . . most importantly, the prayers from people across our great nation.” – producer

Today’s media decision makers hold immeasurable influence, daily determining what is seen on screens throughout the world. Those involved in film and television, digital media, social media, music, news, and more all touch our lives every day with messages…messages that impact us.  Just as Scripture calls us to pray for leaders and authorities in government, it seems fitting for us to also pray for leaders and influencers in media. Prayer is a powerful way to offer support and express our love and care.

We invite you to join us in praying through the Media Leader Prayer Calendar.  The calendar is published quarterly and provides the name of a media executive and a cultural influencer to pray for each day.   Please pray for God’s personal impact in their lives; for His guidance, wisdom and protection; and for them to come to a deeper relationship with Him.  Pray for God to infuse media with messages of sacrificial love, redemption, and hope.

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